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Tantric Bodywork for Couples

See, feel & explore each other with fresh eyes, a curious body and an open heart

My motivation for this work

For a long time in my life, sexuality in my relationships and in life was mostly connected to genitals and very goal-oriented.

And to be honest: It wasn't something i enjoyed, but i didn't know better, so i thought "this is the only way".

I was very cut off from my own sexual & erotic body, which often caused sexual pressure in my relationships. I often thaught, that there is something wrong with me.

Today I know: I simply didn't have the tools and the education of how to be in my body, how to have conscious conversations and how to be in radical self responsibility for my pleasure.

The last years the field of Tantric Bodywork, Sacred Sexuality and Embodiment & Somatics opened a completly new world for me.

I had to un-learn almost everything what i was taught about sexuality, intimacy & touch to reclaim my sexuality and have the ability & tools to create deep & meaningful intimacy through the body.

I'm on the path of Sacred Union & Conscious Monogamy together with my partner and i believe that committed relationships are one of the biggest Initiations for growth, evolution and healing.

Tantric Bodywork for Couples

In this private session I open a space, where you and your partner will learn & experience the basics of Tantric Bodywork & the Tantric Attitude, different elements of touch and how to play with different dynamics in your connection.

The purpose is to create a deeper intimacy in your connection, to bring more ritual into your relationship and to see, feel & explore each other with curious & fresh eyes.


Tantric Bodywork empowers you to touch, hold and sense each other outside of your usual patterns.

To relate heart-to-heart from a place of deep embodied presence, rooted in sacredness.

It’s also about acvivating and navigating sexual energy in a holistic & healing way, which is not goal-oriented and focused only on the genitals.

Upon request i can also give you an Introduction of how to give a Yoni or Lingam Massage to your partner.


The session will be designed to your needs & desires as a couple. We will have a virtual pre-talk about this before the session.

A "Tantric Bodywork Initiation" with me is for you, if you want to...
  • reconnect as a couple and create deeper intimacy in your relationship

  • meet each other from a place of deep embodied presence, unconditional love & radical acceptance

  • reignite the spark between you

  • expand your horizon about sacred sexuality, tantric touch & pleasure

  • explore each other with fresh eyes, an open heart and a curious body

  • learn practical tools you can easily integrate in your day-to-day life

  • have a held & safe space, where you can expand & evolve as a couple

  • experience different qualties & dynamics of yourself and in your relationships (which brings so much new freshness;)) through different elements & dynamics of giving and receiving touch


What can you expect from a session?

A session is designed according to your intention and needs as a couple and based

I am providing you tools and practices as invitations to explore with each other, which are giving you a deeper understanding & experience of Tantric Touch & -Bodywork, the Tantric Attitude and Somatic Intimacy.

At the same time you are always in your power of choice.

You choose the depth & intensity you want to go into your own experiences.

I am here for you as your guide, your spaceholder and your non-judgemental witness.

And at the same time we are Co-Creating this journey, which means: we go with what's truly alive in your body for each of you in this moment.

All of you is welcome in a session: all your emotions, arousal and sexual energy, but also nervousness and insecurites.

I meet you with radical acceptance and empower you to show up in your authenticty & vulnerability.

Because it's exactly this, what brings deep intimacy into your connection.



2,5 hrs: 250€ (for both of you)
3 hrs: 300€

Location: in a therapy space close to Lagos & Lisbon (1 week per month)

phone: +49 176 84 38 76 34

For the deep dive for you as a couple:
half day experience (5hrs): 500€
full day journey: 800€

Sessions can be either in english or german language


Benefits of Tantric Bodywork
for you as a couple

  • creating more intimacy, depth & safety in your connection

  • re-igniting the fire & cursiosity in your relationship by touching & relating outside of your habitual patterns

  • approaching sexuality in a healing & holistic way without pressure, goal-orientation & genital focus
  • experience of unconditional love and acceptance
  • expanding your toolbox of touch and relating

  • reconnection to your heart

  • bringing more ritual & sacredness into your connection
  • more authenticity, vulnerability and radical acceptance
  • deeper presence

  • more spaciousness and energy flow in your own body and in your connection

Special Offering:
Intro to Yoni & Lingam Massage

This is for you, if you want to get an Introduction of how to approach the genitals of your partner in a healing & holistic way.

In this session you can learn and experience as a couple a new way of approaching genitals to re-write old narratives of sexual conditionings.

Why should you learn more about Yoni & Lingam Massage as a couple?

Especially our genitals are the most sexualized & shamed part of our body.

And yes: Our genitals have a lot if potential for sexual & orgasmic pleasure.

But we live in a society, which transmits an image of sexuality, which is orgasm & goal -oriented and genital-focused.

And especially through the influence of porn and lacking sex education our genitals often end up being over-stimulated and numb.

This session is a chance for you to explore new pathways of approaching the genitals of your partner in a holistic & healing way.

..with an attitude of no expectations and being connected to the heart.

In this session i will teach you the basics of yoni & lingam massage (you will practice on each other, my touch is not involved).

This will not only support you to create a deeper connection and sensitivity for your own body, but also to be more attentive to your partners needs, boundaries & desires.

As well you will gain a deeper understanding of how to activate and navigate sexual energy through the body and how to connect heart & genitals.



3 hours: 300€ (for both of you)

4 hours: 400€

Booking and questions:

phone: +49 176 84387634


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