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Your body is the portal of transformation, healing and evolution.

Your body holds all your desires, storys and wisdom.

Your body is a sacred temple with infinite potential.


 Hands-On Somatic Bodywork & Therapy

Pantarei Approach

What is the Panarei Approach?

The Pantarei Approach is a form of Hands-On Somatic Bodywork & Therapy with the goal to reconnect you to your body's wisdom and uniqueness.

Because you are here to be fully alive, right?!


The main principle of Pantarei is:



When the energy in your body flows, you can activate your capacity of Self healing, Self leadership and follow your purpose.

Then you have the freedom to shape a life you truly feel connected to.


The main goal of a session is to tap into the answers, wisdom & ressources of your body.

Everything you are looking for is already inside of you.


..but sometimes your core essence is covered by unprocessed emotions, trauma & conditioned patterns.

So let's explore together , which stories your body has to tell.

Touch is one of the most powerful tools to connect you to your body & emotions, to regulate your nervous system, release blockages and to bring your energy in your body back into a harmonious flow.

When the energy in your body flows, you can activate your capacity of self-healing, self leadership and follow your purpose.

Notice: this is not a massage. We are all the time interaction with each other. Also you will be dressed all the time.


My work is for you, if you want to...

  • feel alive with all your senses

  • feel home and safe inside your body

  • release emotional, physical or mental blockages

  • have more depth, intimacy and connection with yourself & others

  • reconnect to your sexual energy & your pleasure

  • experience your emotions, without getting overwhelmed

  • re-write limiting storys & beliefs which are stored in your body

  • gain inner freemdon, liberation & clarity

  • feel safe by fully being & expressing yourself

  • connect to your hearts desires

  • experience a holistic approach, which is based on the FELT SENSE

  • work on a topic, which is specifically related to touch (f. ex. receiving exactly the touch you want, sensing boundaries etc)

What to expect from a
Somatic Bodywork Session?

Every session starts with a verbal conversation to clarify the topic of the session. I will ask you questions with an attitude of curiosity to get to know more about you and your unique qualities.


My attitude is to see the topic or challenge you are coming with as a gateway to connect deeper to yourself.

After getting clarity about what you want to explore in the session, the Bodywork part starts.

This means: We explore, what your body has to say. Usually you will lie down on a massage table. In the session my touch supports you to connect deeper to your body, to your inner wisdom and to release blockages (phyical, emotional or mental), which are withholding you to be in your inner flow.

What can happen in a session?

A Somatic Bodwork Session can support you to process and connect deeper to your emotions and by doing so, to create more spaciousness and energy flow in your body.

As well a Bodywork session can support you to gain inner clarity and a deeper connection to your unique qualities and inner wisdom.

A Somatic Bodywork Session is not a massage, where your body is passive.

Your body has the opportunity to respond, express, move, make sounds or to be still.

You can imagine each session as a journey, where your body is the main guide, who shows you what you are ready to process, see and experience.

Touch and verbal communication are supporting you to gain deeper understanding-

At the end there is time for integration and installation.


Pantarei Eden Class_144.jpg


The location of my sessions is either in a therapy space in Lagos or in Barão de São Miguel


Phone: +49 176 84387634



1 session: 70€

(60€, if you are a Portugese local or currently having a lower income)

6 Session package: 330€

(If you want to go in a deeper process and connect to your body in depth, i recommend you to do more sessions)

Sessions can be either in english or in german language

Discover more about my work here:

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"I highly recommend the somatic body experience. I went from having pain in my whole body because of emotional trauma that was locked there for years to being able to open myself up, feeling my feelings and being able to stand up for myself again. Jana is a very sweet woman, who works without judgement and is able to create a safe space to explore all the good and the bad and then helps you transform it, so that you can be closer to yourself again and get out of survival mode"
. S
"I had one Bodywork session with Jana so far and was absolutely stunned. I feel like there was so much safety for really allowing to feel what needed to be felt and to express what needed to be expressed that it nearly seemed like a trance state of acceptance. I was able to move some things in my body that I had been carrying on for a while and felt a sense of relief after.
Thank you Jana, see you next time"
- F
"I received some bodywork sessions from Jana. Her approach of verbal communication combined with supporting touch felt very professional and healing. She is an empathic therapist and connected me deeply to my own body, being and wisdom.
Afterwards i felt stronger and closer to myself.
Jana created a very safe space. I felt held and seen. I highly recommend her and her work."
- A
  • Instagram
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