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Somatic Coaching for women


Do you desire to feel fully liberated, alive & safe inside your body?

How would it feel, if you would be deeply connected to your body, your emotions and your life force energy?

Are you longing to express the full spectrum of your being and release the layers of shame and social conditionings, which are holding you back to do so?

Are you yearning to connect to your innocent nature as an erotic and sensual being?

Raw, unfiltered and untamed expression is your birthright, dear!

You are not here to be shamed and tamed.

If you feel courageous enough to embark on your journey of embodied liberation:

i'm happy to be your guide!

Our sesisons can be either in english or in german.

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Why Somatic Coaching?
Giving yourself permission to be fully authentic.
Having your dream relationship and most amazing intimacy life.
Putting yourself out there into the world with your gifts and offerings.
Feeling fully empowered as a sexual and erotic being.

It sounds all amazing right?

And i'm sure in theory and rationally you know all the steps that you hace to take.

But do you notice yourself in sometimes falling back into the same patterns over and over again, although you rationally know that this is not the path that you desire?

Well, let me tell you:


Your body is the library of all of your narratives, beliefs and experiences.
Your embodiment - the way you move through life, speak, relate & breathe - is the result of your story.

And if you want to change your narrative and step into a life of inner liberation and freedom the only way is by changing the way of BEING in your body.

Somatic Coaching (body based coaching) supports you to deeply connect to the wisdom of your body and unfold your potential of self-leadership, -empowerment and healing.

..because your body knows.


(June, July & August)


What's included?

  • 3 Online Somatic Coaching Sessions

  • What's App/Telegramm support between the sessions


*payment in installments is possible

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Coaching Packages


6 weeks journey

2 months journey

get started
underneath the surface

3 months journey

dive deep to rise high

What's included?

  • 4 Online Coaching Sessions

  • What's App/Telegramm Support for 6 weeks (Mon- Fri)

  • home practices

Investment: 666€*
*it's possible to pay in installments up to 3 installments a 222€/month

What's included?

  • 6 Online Coaching Sessions

  • What's App/Telegramm Support for 2 months (Mon- Fri)

  • home practices

Investment: 888€*
*it's possible to pay in installments up to 4 installments a 222€/month

What's included?

  • 10 Online Coaching Sessions

  • What's App/Telegramm Support for 3 months (Mon- Fri)

  • home practices

Investment: 1666€*
*it's possible to pay in installments up to 6 installments


My work is for you, if you desire to...

  • feel safe, vibrant & alive inside your body

  • feel empowered as a sexual & erotic being

  • express your wild, raw & untamed nature

  • create deeper intimacy with your body, being and in connection

  • shamelessly embody the full spectrum of your feminine power

  • authentically sense & communicate your needs, desires & boundaries

  • become your own biggest lover

  • activate your own source of life force energy

Do you hear the calling?

Yes, dear working with the body is powerful, i know what i'm talking about.

Book yourself a 30 min free call with me, where we can connect, talk about open questions and see if we are a good match to go on a journey together

Or send an e-mail to

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