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A ritual and somatic journey of heart-connection, re-nourishment and experiencing the full spectrum of your body & being


Tantric Bodywork & Massage

A ritual and somatic journey of


re-nourishment and experiencing the full spectrum of your body & being


About Tantric Bodywork & Massage

This is a 2,5 hr Ritual and Somatic Journey, where you can experience, what it's like to be unconditionally loved and received with all parts of your being.

Tantric Bodywork is about connecting to your body & heart, re-nourishing parts inside yourself and to experience your body as a source of pleasure through the art of receiving.

There are absolutly no expections, but at the same time, all of you is welcome: your emotions, the flow of your life force energy, the experience of pleasure, but also sensations, which may feel uncomfortable for you, like shame or numbness.

That's why a Tantric Bodywork session is deeply healing, as you will be met with radical acceptance of what is.

My approach is therapeutic & holistic and this implies that my touch & my attitude are completly without expectations and intentions.


A Tantric Massage is also an opportunity to experience the flow of your own life force - eros - , throughout your whole body.

Why is a Tantric Massage a very healing & expanding experience?

Most of us haven't experienced in life, how it is to be met and touched with an attitude of unconditional love, radical acceptance and without any expectations & goals. In a Tantric Bodywork session you will experience exactly this.

Also we live in a society of collective body shame & numbness, where exists genital-, goal- & orgasm-focused sexuality.

Tantric Bodywork is a powerful medicine to release shame, to reclaim your body as a sacred temple and to come back to your natural state of love, wholeness and sensual innocence.

Important to know:

This is a safe and non-judgemental space.

The session is based on CONSENT, CHOICE & BOUNDARIES.

We will have a detailed conversation about it before we start the ritual.

To get a deeper understanding of my work, watch the video below.



Location: in a therapy space close to Lagos


2,5 hrs: 220€

4 hrs: 400€


phone: +49 176 84 38 76 34


Sessions can be either in english or german language

If you want to dive deeper after your Tantric Massage experience, there is the option of getting 1:1 support in form of Somatic Coaching (online or offline)

Topics we can work on is:

- connecting deeper to your body & emotions

- releasing shame

- reclaiming yourself as a liberated being

- creating deeper intimacy with yourself and others

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1,5 hr breast, belly & yoni massage
nurture the portals of your female body
This session is focussed on 3 of the most sacred & potent portals of your body:
your breast, your belly and your yoni.

This massage is focussed on active receiving, this means: you are all the time in your power of choice to receive exactly the kind of touch, which makes you feel fully safe and nourished and you choose the time, which is needed at each body part.

This is an opportunity to increase your body awareness, expand your capacity & sensitivity to feel pleasure, reconnect to your emotions and to release blockages.

Especially breasts & yoni are often related to goal-oriented & sexual touch and our belly is the place, where so many emotions are sotred.

This session is a session of reconnection, re-nourishment and reclaiming your body as a sacred temple.

(Please note: breast, belly & yoni massage are also part of a full body tantra massage, but this session focusses especially on these 3 body parts)

My touch is based on care, compassion and clear consent.

Duration of the Session: 90 Mins
Price: 130€



phone: +49 176 84 38 76 34


What is my approach of Tantra Massage and what are the benefits of Tantric Bodywork?


Who is my work for?

My Tantric Bodywork Sessions are for you, if you are willing to meet yourself on a deeper level and to experience that you are your own source of pleasure and life force.

I'm the right therapist for you, if you are looking for a professional, trauma-informed and holistic approach of Tantric Bodywork.

My work is based on compassion, care and clear consent.

My work is open to all gender.

My work is NOT for you, if you are actually looking for a sexual interaction or an Erotic Massage.

What to expect in a session?

  • landing & opening conversation to set the container and to create safety (talk about consent, desires, boundaries, specific needs and check in with what is alive and what will happen)

  • Tantric Ritual & breathing

  • Full Body Massage

  • Integration time & aftercare

Benefits of Tantric Bodywork

  • deeper connection to your body, your emotions and your senses

  • expansion of your capacity to feel pleasure
  • experiencing the flow of your life force energy throughout your whole body
  • deep relaxation
  • reconnection to your heart

  • experiencing the art of receiving and being with  met with unconditional love & radical acceptance (which is a very healing experience)
  • re-nourishment of parts inside yourself, which didn't receive enough love
  • deeper self love & body awareness

“The Tantric Massaage with Jana was such a gift, a true open heart ceremony. My body released so much energy and i felt my whole being expanding.
The touch, the breath, the intimacy makes the whole experience unique.
Jana is very present, pacient and caring always making sure you are comfortable and your needs and boundaries are being met in the most kind and gentle way"
- R.
“I felt comfortable with Jana as soon as we met. She has a deep, open and loving presence which helped me feel safe to be vulnearble and receive. The Tantric Massage supported me opening in ways I haven't been able to open before. Jana made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire experience. Jana is conscious of the importanc of consent and ensured she had my consent before any work was done. After the session i felt loving, trusting, safe to be vulnerable , open and joyful. But it was the following morning that i felt the biggest difference . I woke a new person. Free from repressed sacral energy. I can feel life in a whole new way now"
“After a long and overly hectic worklife, I am now searching for ways to simply calm down, appreciate small things in life but also to reconnect with myself. I seem to have lost parts of me in the stressful environments of my past. The atmosphere that Jana created in our first session, allowed me to totally relax and embrace the moment in a way that surprised me. Have always liked to be in control, but here i totally let go of all that when Jana with her trustworthy, knowledgeable, sensitive and calm appearance took mw through the session. Opened my eyes in many ways. A new journey started for me. Will return"
- L


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